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Carbon Dioxide Capture and Carbonate Synthesis via Carbonation of KOH-Dissolved Alcohol Solution
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 Title & Authors
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Carbonate Synthesis via Carbonation of KOH-Dissolved Alcohol Solution
Kim, Eung-Jun; Han, Sang-Jun; Wee, Jung-Ho;
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This work investigates the carbonation of KOH-dissolved methanol and ethanol solution systems carried out for fixation. Potassium methyl carbonate (PMC) and potassium ethyl carbonate (PEC) were synthesized during the reaction in each solution as the solid powder, and they were characterized in detail. The amount of chemically absorbed to produce the PMC and PEC precipitates were calculated to be 97.90% and 99.58% of their theoretical values, respectively. In addition, a substantial amount of was physically absorbed in the solution during the carbonation. PMC precipitates were consisted of the pure PMC and with the weight ratio of 5:5, respectively. PEC precipitates were also mixture of the pure PEC and with the weight ratio of 8:2, respectively. When these two precipitates were dissolved in excess water, methanol and ethanol were regenerated remaining solid in the solutions. Therefore, the process has the potential to be one of the efficient options of CCS and CCU technologies.
Carbon Capture and Storage;Carbonation;Potassium Hydroxide;Potassium Methyl Carbonate;Potassium Ethyl Carbonate;
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