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Decomposition Characteristics of CF4 by SiC/Al2O3 Modified with Cerium Sulfate Using Microwave System
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 Title & Authors
Decomposition Characteristics of CF4 by SiC/Al2O3 Modified with Cerium Sulfate Using Microwave System
Choi, Sung-Woo;
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Alumina-based catalysts with different Ce loadings were studied in the decomposition of using microwave heating system. Heating material of microwave system used Silicon Carbide. The crystallographic phases of catalysts were investigated by XRD and decomposition rates of were examined by GC-TCD. The catalysts of 10 wt% Ce modified showed higher decomposition rate than un-modified for reaction temperature. The k value of catalysts shows the order of <<. XRD patterns of were no difference before and after the reaction and showed phases. With the increase in Ce loadings, , of XRD peaks was observed. The results was indicated that Ce modifed than un-modifed was decreased reaction temperature to with same decomposition rate. Also the appropriated cerium sulfate loadings on were 5~10 wt%.
;Catalytic;Microwave;Thermal Decomposition;Cerium Oxide;
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