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Removal of Cs and Sr Ions by Absorbent Immobilized Zeolite with PVA
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Removal of Cs and Sr Ions by Absorbent Immobilized Zeolite with PVA
Lee, Chang-Han; Lee, Min-Gyu;
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In this research a adsorbent, PVA-Zeolite bead, was prepared by immobilizing zeolite with PVA. The results of XRD and SEM analysis showed that the prepared PVA-Zeolite beads had porous structure and the zeolite particles were in mobilized within the internal matrix of the beads. The adsorption properties of Sr ion and Cs ion with the adsorbent were studied by different parameters such as effect of pH, adsorption rate, and adsorption isotherm. The adsorption of Sr ion and Cs ion reached equilibrium after 540 minutes. The adsorption kinetics of both ions by the PVA-Zeolite beads were fitted well by the pseudo-second-order model more than pseudo-first-order model. The equilibrium data fitted well with Langmuir isotherm model. The maximum adsorption capacities of Sr ion and Cs ion calculated from Langmuir isotherm model were 52.08 mg/g and 58.14 mg/g, respectively. The external mass transfer step was very fast compared to the intra-particle diffusion step in the adsorption process of Cs ion and Sr ion by the PVA-Zeolite beads. This result implied that the rate controlling step was the intra-particle diffusion step.
Adsorption;Zeolite;Strontium;Cesium;Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA);
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울산산업공단에서 배출되는 coal fly ash로 합성한 제올라이트를 폴리슬폰으로 고정화하여 제조한 PS-FZ 비드의 Sr 및 Cu 제거 특성,감상규;이창한;정갑섭;이민규;

Journal of Environmental Science International, 2016. vol.25. 12, pp.1623-1632 crossref(new window)
비산재로부터 합성한 제올라이트를 polyacrylonitrile로 고정화한 PAN/FZ 비드의 제조 및 Sr 및 Cu 이온 제거특성,감상규;이창한;정갑섭;이민규;

Journal of Environmental Science International, 2016. vol.25. 12, pp.1613-1622 crossref(new window)
난각막을 이용한 양이온성 염료 제거,최희정;

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