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The Methane Production from Organic Waste on Single Anaerobic Digester Equipped with MET (Microbial Electrochemical Technology)
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 Title & Authors
The Methane Production from Organic Waste on Single Anaerobic Digester Equipped with MET (Microbial Electrochemical Technology)
Park, Jungyu; Tian, Dongjie; Lee, Beom; Jun, Hangbae;
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Theoretical maximum methane yield of glucose at STP (1 atm, ) is 0.35 L COD. However, most researched actual methane yields of anaerobic digester (AD) on lab scale is lower than theoretical ones. A wide range of them have been reported according to experiments methods and types of organic matters. Recent year, a MET (Microbial electrochemical technology) is a promising technology for producing sustainable bio energies from AD via rapid degradation of high concentration organic wastes, VFAs (Volatile Fatty Acids), toxic materials and non-degradable organic matters with electrochemical reactions. In this study, methane yields of food waste leachate and sewage waste sludge were evaluated by using BMP (Biochemical Methane Potential) and continuous AD tests. As the results, methane production volume from the anaerobic digester equipped with MET (AD + MET) was higher than conventional AD in the ratio of 2 to 3 times. The actual methane yields from all experiments were lower than those of theoretical value of glucose. The methane yield, however, from the AD + MET occurred similar to the theoretical one. Moreover, biogas compositions of AD and AD + MET were similar. Consequently, methane production from anaerobic digester with MET increased from the result of higher organic removal efficiency, while, further researches should be required for investigating methane production mechanisms in the anaerobic digester with MET.
MET (Microbial Electrochemical Technology);Anaerobic Digestion;Methane Yield;Biogas Composition;Food Waste Leachate;Sewage Sludge;
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