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A Study on Digital Fault Locator for Transmission Line
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Digital Fault Locator for Transmission Line
Lee, Kyung-Min; Park, Chul-Won;
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Transmission line is exposed to a large area, and then faults are likely to occur than the other component of power system. When a fault occurs on a transmission line, fault locator helps fast recovery of power supply on power system. This paper deals with the design of a digital fault locator for improvement accuracy of the fault distance estimation and a fault occurrence position for transmission line. The algorithm of a fault locator uses a DC offset removal filter and DFT filter. The algorithm utilizes a fault data of GPS time synchronized. The computed fault information is transmitted to the other side substation through communication. The digital fault locator includes MPU module, ADPU module, SIU module, and a power module. The MMI firmware and software of the fault locator was implemented.
Analog digital processing unit;DC offset removal filter;DFT;Fault distance estimation;Fault locator;Main processing unit;MMI firmware;Signal interface unit;Time synchronized;Transmission line;
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