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Impact Analysis of Wind Power on Power System Reliability with Electric Vehicles
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 Title & Authors
Impact Analysis of Wind Power on Power System Reliability with Electric Vehicles
Kim, Dam; Park, Hyeongon; Kwon, Hungyu; Park, Jong-Keun;
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An increasing number of electric vehicles (EVs) in power system affects its reliability in various aspects. Especially under high EV penetration level, new generating units are required to satisfy system`s adequacy criterion. Wind power generation is expected to take the major portion of the new units due to environmental and economic issues. In this paper, the system reliability is analyzed using Loss of Load Expectation (LOLE) and Expected Energy Not Served (EENS) under each and both cases of increasing wind power generation and EVs. A probabilistic multi-state modeling method of wind turbine generator under various power output for adequate reliability evaluation is presented as well. EVs are modeled as loads under charging algorithm with Time-Of-Use (TOU) rates in order to incorporate EVs into hour-to-hour yearly load curve. With the expected load curve, the impact of EVs on the system adequacy is analyzed. Simulations show the reliability evaluation of increasing wind power capacity and number of EVs. With this method, system operator becomes capable of measuring appropriate wind power capacity to meet system reliability standard.
Wind power;Electric vehicle;Reliability;
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