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Characteristics Analysis of Radially Magnetized Tubular type Magnetic Coupling
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics Analysis of Radially Magnetized Tubular type Magnetic Coupling
Kim, Chang-Woo; Jung, Kyoung-Hun; Choi, Jang-Young;
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Magnetic coupling is used where required high reliability. because magnetic coupling`s durability is stronger than mechanical coupling`s durability. This paper shows the characteristics of radially magnetized tubular type magnetic coupling by using Analytical method such as space harmonic method. Analytical method was used, to find force characteristics. First, on the basis of the magnetic vector potential and two-dimensional(2-D) polar-coordinate system, the magnetic field solutions of the radially magnetized permanent magnet are obtained. And we obtain the analytical solutions for the flux density produced by permanent magnet. Finally, we can calculate the force by using the Maxwell stress tensor. And then, Finite element method(FEM) is used to validate force characteristics.
Linear coupling;Magnetic coupling;Force characteristic;Analytical method;Finite element method, FEM;
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