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Robust Finite-time Dissipative State Feedback Controller Design for Discrete-time Uncertain Singular Systems
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 Title & Authors
Robust Finite-time Dissipative State Feedback Controller Design for Discrete-time Uncertain Singular Systems
Kim, Jong Hae; Oh, Do Chang;
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In this paper, we treat the problem of a robust finite-time dissipative state feedback controller design method for discrete-time singular systems with polytopic uncertainties. A BRL(bounded real lemma) for finite-time stability of discrete-time singular systems is derived. A finite-time dissipative state feedback controller design method satisfying finite-time stability and dissipativity is proposed by LMI(linear matrix inequality) technique on the basis of the obtained BRL. Moreover it is shown that the obtained condition can be extended into polytopic uncertain systems by proper manipulations. Finally, illustrative examples are given to show the applicability of the proposed method.
Robust dissipativity;Finite-time control;Uncertainty;Discrete-time singular systems;
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