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Application Management System with ZeroMQ and Alarms in Distribution Management System
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 Title & Authors
Application Management System with ZeroMQ and Alarms in Distribution Management System
Kim, Pil-Seok; Kang, Ho-Young; Lim, Il-Hyung; Park, Jong-Ho; Shin, Yong-Hak;
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Distribution Management System(DMS) ienhancing distribution automation system-based operation efficiency is an optimized system by various operational applications in a distribution network. DMS employs various applications like topology reconfiguration, volt/var control, and restoration at events such as overload, voltage violation, and a fault in a distribution system. An operation efficiency to employ multi-applications as restoration with short-term load forecasting is higher than a performance by a single application; and the applications are accomplished by an operator’s control. Applications’ combination is determined by various alarm information which means critical issues in order to operate a distribution system. Thus, this paper proposes an application management system which can configure application combination, control applications depending on alarm information and check their performance condition. The proposed application management system can be customized by operator easily and have high operation efficiency and reliability because it is worked by reviewed alarm information from operator.
Alarm;Application;ZeroMQ;Application manager;DMS;
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