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Brightness Controllable LVDC LED Lightings Based on IoT
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 Title & Authors
Brightness Controllable LVDC LED Lightings Based on IoT
Lee, Yoen-Seok; Park, Gun-Pil; Choi, Sang-Ui;
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That`s the reason why LED lighting has to employ AC power inlet. However, LED is a kind of diode, semiconductor, it`s driven by DC power. With whis reason all of LED lighting should have AC/DC converter in its systems. This converter causes energy loss, it`s the target for lesson the energy loss. To reduce this energy loss, DC power distribution structure can be used. LED lighting system using LVDC is a kind of DC power distribution structure, but LVDC has severe voltage drop which makes non-uniform brightness in lighting system. In this paper, we suggest a novel structure for the uniform brightness in LVDC LED lighting system using IoT based network system. The constructed test-bed system of suggested structure shows this structure can con control the brightness with uniformity.
- LED;IoT;DCPLC;LVDC;Wire resistance;
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