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A Study on the Determination for Rated Voltage Considering the Stability in the Refinery and Chemical Plant by Isolated Power System
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Determination for Rated Voltage Considering the Stability in the Refinery and Chemical Plant by Isolated Power System
Shin, Ho-Jeon; Cho, Man-Young; Chung, In-Sung; Kim, Jin-Seok; Kim, Jae-Chul;
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Nowadays, it is a global trend to build refinery or chemical plants with an isolated system in a place distant from the center of a city. In the refinery or chemical plants equipped with an isolated system, induced motors mostly take the load, and the scale of high-voltage electric motors reaches from several kW up to several MW. Therefore, it is needed to examine the effects of electric motors on the power system closely in the stages of planning and designing a plant to build a stable power system. This study is aimed to investigate how to decide rated voltage in consideration of stability which has not been considered in the stages of planning and designing so far in order to secure stability for the power system.
Isolated system;Load flow;Short-circuit current;Induction motor;Inrush current;Transient stability;
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