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An Optimal Design of Notch Shape of IPM BLDC Motor Using the Differential Evolution Strategy Algorithm
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 Title & Authors
An Optimal Design of Notch Shape of IPM BLDC Motor Using the Differential Evolution Strategy Algorithm
Shin, Pan Seok; Kim, Hong Uk;
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In this paper, a cogging torque of IPM(Interior Permanent Magnet)-type BLDC motor is analyzed by FE program and the optimized notch on the rotor surface is designed to minimize the torque ripple. A differential evolution strategy algorithm and a response surface method are employed to optimize the rotor notch. In order to verify the proposed algorithm, an IPM BLDC motor is used, which is 50 kW, 8 poles, 48 slots and 1200 rpm at the rated speed. Its characteristics of the motor is calculated by FE program and 4 design variables are set on the rotor notch. The initial shape of the notch is like a non-symmetric half-elliptic and it is optimized by the developed algorithm. The cogging torque of the final model is reduced to from of the initial, which is about 71 % reduction. Consequently, the proposed algorithm for the cogging torque reduction of IPM-type BLDC motor using the rotor notch design seems to be very useful to a mechanical design for reducing noise and vibration.
BLDC motor;Notch design;Cogging torque;Differential evolution strategy;IPMSM;Optimization technique;
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