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Optimum Shape Design of Spoke Type Motor and Magnetizer by Characteristic Analysis
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 Title & Authors
Optimum Shape Design of Spoke Type Motor and Magnetizer by Characteristic Analysis
Kim, Young-Hyun; Lee, Jin-Kyoung; Seo, Jun; Lee, Jung-Ho;
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This study proposes criteria for both optimal-shape and magnetizer-system designs to be used for a high-output spoke-type motor. The study also examines methods of reducing high-cogging torque and torque ripple, to prevent noise and vibration. The optimal design of the stator and rotor can be enhanced using both a response surface method and finite element method. In addition, a magnetizer system is optimally designed for the magnetization of permanent magnets for use in the motor. Finally, this study verifies that the proposed motor can efficiently replace interior permanent magnet synchronous motor in many industries.
Spoke type motor;FEM;RSM;Magnetizer;
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