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The Design of Radial Magnetic Force Equilibrium for Reduction of Vibration in IPM Type BLDC Motor
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 Title & Authors
The Design of Radial Magnetic Force Equilibrium for Reduction of Vibration in IPM Type BLDC Motor
Lee, Gyeong-Deuk; Lee, Won-Sik; Kim, Gyu-Tak;
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In this paper, the vibration source of IPM type BLDC motor was analyzed by finite element method. The main causes of the electrical vibration were RMF(Radial magnetic force) and cogging torque. It was designed model of minimized cogging torque and RMF equilibrium. Design models were selected the optimum model using the design of experiment method. And, the vibration experiment was carried out through prototype machine of each model. Finally, the experimental results were compared with the analysis ones.
IPM type BLDC motor;Equilibrium of RMF;Reduction of cogging torque;Natural frequency;Vibration;
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소형 IPMSM의 전자기적 진동원과 가진력의 상관관계 분석,이원식;조규원;전병길;김규탁;

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