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Open Fault Diagnosis Method for Five-Phase Induction Motor Driving System
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 Title & Authors
Open Fault Diagnosis Method for Five-Phase Induction Motor Driving System
Baek, Seung-Koo; Shin, Hye-Ung; Kang, Seong-Yun; Park, Choon-Soo; Lee, Kyo-Beum;
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This paper proposes a fault diagnosis method for an open-fault in inverter driving five-phase induction motor. The five-phase induction motor has a high output torque and small torque ripple in comparison to three-phase. The best advantage of the five-phase induction motor is fault diagnosis and tolerant control using redundancy of phases. This paper uses an inverter as a power converter for driving a five-phase induction motor. If a switch of inverter occurs to the open-fault, this problem is the influence on the output current and output torque. To solve this problem, there is need of an accurate diagnosis and fault switch distinction. Therefore, this paper propose a fault detection method of the open-fault switches for the fault diagnosis. First, analyzing the pattern for the open-circuit fault of one phase. next, analyzing the pattern for the open-circuit fault of each inverter switches. Through the pattern analysis, It defines the scope of each of the failure switch. Thereafter, By using an algorithm that proposes to perform a fault diagnosis method. The proposed algorithm is verified from the experiment with the 1.5 kW five-phase induction motor.
Five-phase;Induction motor;Fault detection;Open fault;Switch fault;
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