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Model-Based Rolling Motion Control of an One-wheeled Robot Considering the Pitching Motion of a Gyroscopic Effect
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 Title & Authors
Model-Based Rolling Motion Control of an One-wheeled Robot Considering the Pitching Motion of a Gyroscopic Effect
Lee, Sang-Deok; Jung, Seul;
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In general, a yawing motion concept is used for the lateral control of one wheel robot where the gimbal system is located horizontally. In this paper, another concept of the vertically located gimbal system is presented for the same purpose. Although the vertical concept undergoes an instability more easily than the horizontal one, the pitching motion of the gyroscopic effect is considered. Firstly, the trade-off relation between two balancing concepts are investigated by comparing the gyroscopic mechanism. Secondly, the dynamic model for the problem of the proposed concept is derived using the oscillatory inverted stick model. Thirdly, the stability of the model is analyzed using the phase trajectory method. Finally, the control performance of the system by a vibration controller is simulated.
Balancing control;Gyroscopic effect;Single-wheel robot;The inverted stick model;
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