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Voltage Control of Stand-Alone Inverter for Power Quality Improvement Under Unbalanced and Non-linear Load
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 Title & Authors
Voltage Control of Stand-Alone Inverter for Power Quality Improvement Under Unbalanced and Non-linear Load
Lee, Wujong; Jo, Jongmin; Cha, Hanju;
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This paper proposed the voltage control of stand-alone inverter for power quality improvement under unbalanced and non-linear load. The 3-phase DC-AC inverter controls CVCF(Constant Voltage Constant Frequency) and selective harmonic eliminate method in stand-alone mode by PR controller, and the stand-lone inverter supplies stable sinusoidal voltage to balanced, unbalanced and non-linear loads. The total harmonic distortion(THD) of line-to-line load voltage() is 1.2% in the balanced load. THD of is reduced from 5.2% to 1.4% and 6.7% to 3.5%, respectively unbalanced and non-linear load. The stand-alone inverter can be supplies sinusoidal balanced voltage to unbalanced load because the voltage unbalanced factor(VUF) of is reduced from 5.2% to 1.4% in the unbalanced load. Feasibility of control method for a stand-alone inverter will be verified through 30kW stand-alone inverter system.
Proportional-resonant control;Resonant control;Stand-alone mode;Unbalanced load;Non-linear load;Power quality;
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