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A Study on New Current Control Method for Square Current Wave in Y Connected 7-Phase BLDC Motor Drive System
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 Title & Authors
A Study on New Current Control Method for Square Current Wave in Y Connected 7-Phase BLDC Motor Drive System
Moon, Jong-Joo; Lee, Won; Kim, Jang-Mok;
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The current control methods of Y-connected 7 Phase BLDC motor are sine wave current control and square wave control. The sine wave current control method needs dq axis transformation of matrix for current control and very complex. Also this method is not suitable for multi Phase BLDC motor of trapezoidal back emf wave. Therefore, in Y connected multi phase BLDC motor, the square wave current control methods are required. Generally, in the 3Phase BLDC system, Average current control method is used for current control. The average current is obtained that the summation of absolute value of each phase current magnitude is divided by the number of conduction phase. However, if average current control method is applied to multi-phase system, there is a problem that each phase currents are different. This problem affects unbalance of each phase torque and fluctuation of total torque. This paper proposed each phase current control method of Y connected 7Phase BLDC system. Proposed method is used for PI controller of each phase for each phase current control. This method can perfect square wave current control. Also, configuration of the method is easier than DQ axis transformation. Proposed method is verified through simulation and experiments.
7-Phase BLDC motor;Speed control;Current control;
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