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The Study of Ripple Reduction of the PFC CCM Flyback Converter without Electrolytic Capacitor for LED Lightings using LC Resonant Filter
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The Study of Ripple Reduction of the PFC CCM Flyback Converter without Electrolytic Capacitor for LED Lightings using LC Resonant Filter
KIm, Choon-Tack; Kim, Young-Seok;
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The light-emitting diode (LED) has been used in a variety of industrial fields and for general 0lighting purposes on account of its high efficiency, low power consumption and long lifespan. The LED is driven by direct current; therefore, an AC/DC converter is typically required for its use. An electrolytic capacitor is generally used for stabilizing DC voltage during use of the AC/DC converter. However, this capacitor has a short lifespan, which makes it a limiting factor in LED lighting. Furthermore, LED lighting requires a dimmable control to enable energy savings and fulfil a growing consumer demand. In this paper, the dimmable single-stage power factor correction (PFC) continuous conduction mode (CCM) flyback converter that employs no electrolytic capacitor is presented. The LC resonant filter is alternatively applied to reduce the 120[Hz] ripple on the output. And the optimum value of the LC resonant filter parameters considering both efficient and performance is analysed. Simulation and experimental results verify the satisfactory operation of the converter.
Capacitorless;LC Filter;Flyback converter;PFC;CCM;
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태양광 LED 가로등용 비절연형 플라이백-부스트 콤비네이션 컨버터,황인;임상길;박성미;송성근;원용관;

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