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A Portable Potentiostat with Bluetooth Communication for Square wave Voltammetry Measurement
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 Title & Authors
A Portable Potentiostat with Bluetooth Communication for Square wave Voltammetry Measurement
Shim, Wonsik; Han, Ji-Hoon; Kim, Suyun; Kwon, Hyun Jeong; Pak, Jungho;
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This paper describes the development of a portable potentiostat which can perform square wave voltammetry on electrochemical sensors and wireless transmission of the measured data to a smartphone using Bluetooth. The potentiostat consists of a square wave potential pulse generation circuit for applying the potential pulse to the electrochemical sensor, a reduction/oxidation (or redox) current measurement circuit, and Bluetooth for wireless data transmission to an Android-based smartphone. The measured data are then processed to show the output graph on the smart phone screen in real time. This data transformation into a graph is carried out by developing and installing a simple transformation application software in the Android-based smartphone. This application software also enables the user to set and change the measurement parameters such as the applied voltage range and measured current range at user`s convenience. The square voltammetry output data measured with the developed portable potentiostat were almost same as the data of the commercial potentiostat. The measured oxidation peak current with the commercial potentiostat was at 0.26 V and the measured oxidation peak current with the developed system was at 0.25 V. This proves that performance of the developed portable measurement system is comparable to the commercial one.
Square wave voltammetry;Potentiostat;Electrochemical sensor;Bluetooth;Android;
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