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Low-end GPS Position Accuracy Enhancement Method by using Map Information
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 Title & Authors
Low-end GPS Position Accuracy Enhancement Method by using Map Information
Choe, Tok Son; Kang, Jung Min; Kim, Han Sol; Park, Jin Bae;
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In this paper, we propose a novel position accuracy enhancement method of a low-end GPS using digital map information. The latest digital map has various kinds of information on geographical features. The proposed method uses position information of lane marks among the geographical features. We define the position information of lane marks as the reference points. The position information of a low-end GPS acquired for a period of time is defined as the source points. In the proposed method, rotation and translation matrices between the reference and the source points are calculated by using an Iterative Closest Point(ICP) algorithm. The source points are transformed by the obtained rotation and translation matrices. Finally, the transformed source points are projected on the reference points. Through these processes, the position accuracy of a low-end GPS is ultimately enhanced. To verify the proposed method, the various real experimental results are presented.
Digital map;Low-end GPS;ICP algorithm;Position accuracy;
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