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A Comparison of Muscle Activity and Fatigue Between Maximal and Submaximal Repetitions Exercise During the Bench Press
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 Title & Authors
A Comparison of Muscle Activity and Fatigue Between Maximal and Submaximal Repetitions Exercise During the Bench Press
Seo, Sang-Won; Lee, Ho-Seong;
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The study aim was to investigate a comparison of muscle activity fatigue between maximal and submaximal strength gains during the bench press in men. It was hypothesized that maximal voluntary contraction (%MVC) would similar gains between maximal and submaximal strength gains during the bench press, but median frequency (MDF) would increase in maximal compared with submaximal exercise. Employing a randomized, counterbalanced crossover design, 12 men were asked to perform maximal repetitions and submaximal repetitions (concentric: 1-s, eccentric: 1-s, 2-s/repetition) to failure with a load of 85% of 1RM for the bench press, with a 3-minute recovery between the sets. Each subject was tested for the number of repetitions and sets, total work in bench press. Surface electromyography (EMG) was recorded from the pectoralis major, deltoid anterior, and triceps brachii for %MVC and MDF. Total work was significantly higher in the submaximal repetition exercise than that the maximal repetition exercise (p<.05). Muscle fatigue of pectoralis major, deltoid anterior and triceps brachii were significantly smaller in the submaximnal repetition exercise than that the maximal repetition exercise (p<.05, respectively). However, muscle activity of pectoralis major, deltoid anterior, and triceps brachii were not significantly different between exercises. Our study showed that a smaller muscle fatigue in submaximal repetitions, despite higher in total work and a similar in muscle activity were observed. These results suggest that submaximal repetitions during the bench press would be enhanced intensity and/or volume compared with maximal repetitions exercise.
Maximal repetition;Submaximal repetitions;Muscle activity;Muscle fatigue;Bench press;
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