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A Study on the Partial Discharge Resistance Properties of Epoxy/Micro/Nano Alumina Composites
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Partial Discharge Resistance Properties of Epoxy/Micro/Nano Alumina Composites
Park, Jae-Jun;
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Neat Epoxy, nano alumina composites, micro alumina composites and multi-nano alumina composites were prepared and experiment were performed to measure their partial discharge resistant characteristics. The partial discharge resistance obtained for the microcomposites, nanocomposites and multi-nanocomposites are compared with those of unfilled epoxy and with GDE amount for surface modifier. It was observed that compare multi-nano alumina composites to micro alumina composites, the partial discharge resistance to degradation gets improved considerably. The improvement in the degradation resistance is attributed to the interface intension between the nano alumina composites and GDE, micro alumina and epoxy neat.
GIS spacer;Epoxy nano alumina composites;Partial Discharge Resistance(PDR);Multi-nano alumina composites;
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