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Design of the Electromagnet of Maglev using Optimization Algorithm Based on Bacterial Survival Strategies
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 Title & Authors
Design of the Electromagnet of Maglev using Optimization Algorithm Based on Bacterial Survival Strategies
Cho, Jae-Hoon; Kim, Young-Tae;
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This paper introduces a new optimal design method using a bacterial survival strategies for a ectromagnet of Maglev transportation vehicle. Usually, an electromagnetic suspension which has more advantages than electro dynamic suspension is used in Maglev systems. However, the structural constraints must be considered in the optimal design of an electromagnet for electromagnetic suspend system. In this paper, the optimal design method of a electromagnet based on a bacterial survival strategies optimization algorithm to design the electromagnet satisfying the structural constraints. The effectiveness of the proposed method was verified by Matlab simulations and the simulation results show that the proposed method is more efficient than conventional methods.
Magnetic levitation system;electromagnet;Bacterial survival strategies;Electromagnetic suspension;Optimization algorithm;
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