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Comparative Analysis of Surface-mounted and Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
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 Title & Authors
Comparative Analysis of Surface-mounted and Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Park, Hyung-Il; Kim, Kwan-Ho; Shin, Kyung-Hun; Jang, Seok-Myeong; Choi, Jang-Young;
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In this paper, we present a comparative analysis of surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors (SPMSM) and interior permanent magnet synchronous motors (IPMSM). First, we use 2D finite element analysis (FEA) to analyze models satisfying the same rated conditions according to the torque-speed curve characteristics, which are determined from the operating conditions. Next, we manufacture an SPMSM and IPMSM having good performances from an electromagnetic perspective based on analysis results, namely the cogging torque, torque ripple, and efficiency. We analyze both of the manufactured machines when they are connected back-to-back and when they are used as a motor and a generator, respectively. The motor is driven by a commercial inverter and the generator is connected to a three-phase resistance load bank. Finally, based on experimental results, which include the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the back electro-motive force (EMF), cogging torque, efficiency, and mass, we determine the motor that is most suitable under requirements.
Comparative analysis;IPMSM;SPMSM;PM machine;FEA;
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