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Compensation Method of Current Measurement Error for Vector-Controlled Inverter of 2-Phase Induction Motor
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 Title & Authors
Compensation Method of Current Measurement Error for Vector-Controlled Inverter of 2-Phase Induction Motor
Lee, Ho-Jun; Yoon, Duck-Yong;
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The phase currents must be accurately measured to achieve the instantaneous torque control of AC motors. In general, those are measured using the current sensors. However, the measured current signals can include the offset errors and scaling errors by several components such as current sensors, analog amplifiers, noise filter circuits, and analog-to-digital converters. Therefore, the torque-controlled performance can be deteriorated by the current measurement errors. In this paper we have analyzed the influence caused by vector control of 2-phase induction motor when two errors are included in measured phase currents. Based on analyzed results, the compensation method is proposed without additional hardware. The proposed compensation method was applied vector-controlled inverter for 2-phase induction motor of 360[W] class and verified through computer simulations and experiments.
Offset error;Scaling error;Current compensation;2-phase induction motor;Toque ripple;Vector control;
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