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Background Removal and ROI Segmentation Algorithms for Chest X-ray Images
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 Title & Authors
Background Removal and ROI Segmentation Algorithms for Chest X-ray Images
Park, Jin Woo; Song, Byung Cheol;
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This paper proposes methods to remove background area and segment region of interest (ROI) in chest X-ray images. Conventional algorithms to improve detail or contrast of images normally utilize brightness and frequency information. If we apply such algorithms to the entire images, we cannot obtain reliable visual quality due to unnecessary information such as background area. So, we propose two effective algorithms to remove background and segment ROI from the input X-ray images. First, the background removal algorithm analyzes the histogram distribution of the input X-ray image. Next, the initial background is estimated by a proper thresholding on histogram domain, and it is removed. Finally, the body contour or background area is refined by using a popular guided filter. On the other hand, the ROI, i.e., lung segmentation algorithm first determines an initial bounding box using the lung's inherent location information. Next, the main intensity value of the lung is computed by vertical cumulative sum within the initial bounding box. Then, probable outliers are removed by using a specific labeling and the pre-determined background information. Finally, a bounding box including lung is obtained. Simulation results show that the proposed background removal and ROI segmentation algorithms outperform the previous works.
Chest X-ray;segmentation;region of interest;cumulative sum;location information;
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