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Least Square Prediction Error Expansion Based Reversible Watermarking for DNA Sequence
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 Title & Authors
Least Square Prediction Error Expansion Based Reversible Watermarking for DNA Sequence
Lee, Suk-Hwan; Kwon, Seong-Geun; Kwon, Ki-Ryong;
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With the development of bio computing technology, DNA watermarking to do as a medium of DNA information has been researched in the latest time. However, DNA information is very important in biologic function unlikely multimedia data. Therefore, the reversible DNA watermarking is required for the host DNA information to be perfectively recovered. This paper presents a reversible DNA watermarking using least square based prediction error expansion for noncodng DNA sequence. Our method has three features. The first thing is to encode the character string (A,T,C,G) of nucleotide bases in noncoding region to integer code values by grouping n nucleotide bases. The second thing is to expand the prediction error based on least square (LS) as much as the expandable bits. The last thing is to prevent the false start codon using the comparison searching of adjacent watermarked code values. Experimental results verified that our method has more high embedding capacity than conventional methods and mean prediction method and also makes the prevention of false start codon and the preservation of amino acids.
가역 DNA 워터마킹;바이오 보안;DNA 보안;최소자승 예측오차;
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순환형 히스토그램 쉬프팅 기반 가역성 DNA 정보은닉 기법,이석환;권성근;권기룡;

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