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Bus-only Lane and Traveling Vehicle's License Plate Number Recognition for Realizing V2I in C-ITS Environments
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 Title & Authors
Bus-only Lane and Traveling Vehicle's License Plate Number Recognition for Realizing V2I in C-ITS Environments
Im, Changjae; Kim, Daewon;
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Currently the IoT (Internet of Things) environments and related technologies are being developed rapidly through the networks for connecting many intelligent objects. The IoT is providing artificial intelligent services combined with context recognition based knowledge and communication methods between human and objects and objects to objects. With the help of IoT technology, many research works are being developed using the C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport System) which uses road infrastructure and traveling vehicles as traffic control infrastructures and resources for improving and increasing driver's convenience and safety through two way communication such as bus-only lane and license plate recognition and road accidents, works ahead reports, which are eventually for advancing traffic effectiveness. In this paper, a system for deciding whether the traveling vehicle is possible or not to drive on bus-only lane in highway is researched using the lane and number plate recognition on the road in C-ITS traffic infrastructure environments. The number plates of vehicles on the straight ahead and sides are identified after the location of bus-only lane is discovered through the lane recognition method. Research results and experimental outcomes are presented which are supposed to be used by traffic management infrastructure and controlling system in future.
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