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Lane Information Fusion Scheme using Multiple Lane Sensors
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 Title & Authors
Lane Information Fusion Scheme using Multiple Lane Sensors
Lee, Soomok; Park, Gikwang; Seo, Seung-woo;
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Most of the mono-camera based lane detection systems are fragile on poor illumination conditions. In order to compensate limitations of single sensor utilization, lane information fusion system using multiple lane sensors is an alternative to stabilize performance and guarantee high precision. However, conventional fusion schemes, which only concerns object detection, are inappropriate to apply to the lane information fusion. Even few studies considering lane information fusion have dealt with limited aids on back-up sensor or omitted cases of asynchronous multi-rate and coverage. In this paper, we propose a lane information fusion scheme utilizing multiple lane sensors with different coverage and cycle. The precise lane information fusion is achieved by the proposed fusion framework which considers individual ranging capability and processing time of diverse types of lane sensors. In addition, a novel lane estimation model is proposed to synchronize multi-rate sensors precisely by up-sampling spare lane information signals. Through quantitative vehicle-level experiments with around view monitoring system and frontal camera system, we demonstrate the robustness of the proposed lane fusion scheme.
Lane estimation;lane track model;lane information fusion;multi-rate sensor fusion;
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