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Development Small Size RGB Sensor for Providing Long Detecting Range
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 Title & Authors
Development Small Size RGB Sensor for Providing Long Detecting Range
Seo, Jae Yong; Lee, Si Hyun;
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In this paper, we developed the small size RGB sensor that recognizes a long distance using a low-cost color sensor. Light receiving portion of the sensor was used as a camera lens for far distance recognition, and illuminating unit was increased the strength of the light by using a high-power white LED and a lens mounted on the reflector. RGB color recognition algorithm consists of the learning process and the realtime recognition process. We obtain a normalized RGB color reference data in the learning process using the specimens painted with target colors, and classifies the three colors using the Mahalanobis distance in recognition process. We apply the developed the RGB color recognition sensor to a prototype of the part classification system and evaluate the performance of its.
Color Sensor;RGB Color Detector;Long Detection Range;Mahalanobis Distance;Low-cost Sensor;
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