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Valve Modeling and Model Extraction on 3D Point Cloud data
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 Title & Authors
Valve Modeling and Model Extraction on 3D Point Cloud data
Oh, Ki Won; Choi, Kang Sun;
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It is difficult to extract small valve automatically in noisy 3D point cloud obtained from LIDAR because small object is affected by noise considerably. In this paper, we assume that the valve is a complex model consisting of torus, cylinder and plane represents handle, rib and center plane to extract a pose of the valve. And to extract the pose, we received additional input: center of the valve. We generated histogram of distance between the center and each points of point cloud, and obtain pose of valve by extracting parameters of handle, rib and center plane. Finally, the valve is reconstructed.
LIDAR;Point cloud;Histogram;Valve detection;Primitive shape;
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