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Automatic On-Chip Glitch-Free Backup Clock Changing Method for MCU Clock Failure Protection in Unsafe I/O Pin Noisy Environment
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 Title & Authors
Automatic On-Chip Glitch-Free Backup Clock Changing Method for MCU Clock Failure Protection in Unsafe I/O Pin Noisy Environment
An, Joonghyun; Youn, Jiae; Cho, Jeonghun; Park, Daejin;
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The embedded microcontroller which is operated by the logic gates synchronized on the clock pulse, is gradually used as main controller of mission-critical systems. Severe electrical situations such as high voltage/frequency surge may cause malfunctioning of the clock source. The tolerant system operation is required against the various external electric noise and means the robust design technique is becoming more important issue in system clock failure problems. In this paper, we propose on-chip backup clock change architecture for the automatic clock failure detection. For the this, we adopt the edge detector, noise canceller logic and glitch-free clock changer circuit. The implemented edge detector unit detects the abnormal low-frequency of the clock source and the delay chain circuit of the clock pulse by the noise canceller can cancel out the glitch clock. The externally invalid clock source by detecting the emergency status will be switched to back-up clock source by glitch-free clock changer circuit. The proposed circuits are evaluated by Verilog simulation and the fabricated IC is validated by using test equipment electrical field radiation noise
safety;clock failure protection;glitch-free clock switch;noise cancel;
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