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A Design of Standing Human Body Sensing System Using Rotation of a PIR Sensor
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 Title & Authors
A Design of Standing Human Body Sensing System Using Rotation of a PIR Sensor
Cha, Hyeong-Woo; Cho, Min-Yyeong;
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A novel sensing system for standing and moving human body using PIR(pyroelectric infrared) sensor was development. The system consists of power supply, interface circuit of PIR sensor, small stepping motor, and digital control. The detecting principle for stop human body is detecting the human body when the stepping motor sticking the PIR sensor and the fresnel lens has rotated by 180 degree at six second and has stopped the motor for no detecting signal of human body. We developed control algorism for proposed the detection system. The experimentation shows that the detector system had detected length and angle were 6m and 30 degree against as standing and moving human body with .
pyroelectric infrared sensor;detecting the stopping human body;sensor rotating;
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