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Detection of Fallen Pear Bags caused by Natural Disaster
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 Title & Authors
Detection of Fallen Pear Bags caused by Natural Disaster
Choi, Doo-Hyun;
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A detection algorithm of fallen pear bags caused by natural disaster like heavy rain, typhoon, hurricane, etc. is presented in this paper. The algorithm is developed for the gray pear bags with printed characters which are widely used at pear farms at Sangju and Naju producing large quantity of pears for export. It sets a region of interest (ROI) at first and then eliminates the regions having chromatic color in ROI. Morphological operation and prior information are used to eliminate small noises and several unusual regions and finally the regions of fallen pear bags are remained. The remained regions are analyzed and counted to estimate the scale of damage. Test images are consisted of the images taken at pear farms of Sangju and Naju at 2014. Experimental result shows that the detection rate of pear bags is more than 90% and also the proposed system can be implemented in real-time using hand-held devices because of its simple and parallel architecture.
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