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A Design of Novel Instrumentation Amplifier Using a Fully-Differential Linear OTA
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 Title & Authors
A Design of Novel Instrumentation Amplifier Using a Fully-Differential Linear OTA
Cha, Hyeong-Woo;
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A novel instrumentation amplifier (IA) using fully-differential linear operational transconductance amplifier (FLOTA) for electronic measurement systems with low cost, wideband, and gain control with wide range is designed. The IA consists of a FLOTA, two resistor, and an operational amplifier(op-amp). The principal of the operating is that the difference of two input voltages applied into FLOTA converts into two same difference currents, and then these current drive resistor of (+) terminal and feedback resistor of op-amp to obtain output voltage. To verify operating principal of the IA, we designed the FLOTA and realized the IA used commercial op-amp LF356. Simulation results show that the FLOTA has linearity error of 0.1% and offset current of 2.1uA at input dynamic range . The IA had wide gain range from -20dB to 60dB by variation of only one resistor and -3dB frequency for the 60dB was 10MHz. The proposed IA also has merits without matching of external resistor and controllable offset voltage using the other resistor. The power dissipation of the IA is 105mW at supply voltage of .
fully-differential linear OTA;instrumentation amplifier;analog circuit;sensor signal processing;op-amp;
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