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pH Sensitive Graphene Field-Effect Transistor(FET)
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 Title & Authors
pH Sensitive Graphene Field-Effect Transistor(FET)
Park, Woo Hwan; Song, Kwang Soup;
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Recently, the detection of pH with real-time and in vivo has been focal pointed in the environmental or medical fields. In this work, we developed the pH sensor using graphene sheet. Graphene has high biocompatibility. We fabricated flexible solution-gated field-effect transistors (SGFETs) on graphene sheet transferred on the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate to detect pH in electrolyte solution. The gate length was and the gate width was 8 mm. We evaluated the current-voltage (I-V) transfer characteristics of graphene SGFETs in pH solution. The drain-source current () and the gate-source voltage () curves of graphene SGFETs were depended on pH value. The Dirac point of graphene SGFETs linearly shifted to the positive direction about 19.32 mV/pH depending on the pH value in electrolyte solution.
Dirac point;
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