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Analysis of Transient Potential Rises of Horizontal Ground Electrodes Considering the Frequency-Dependent of Soil
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Transient Potential Rises of Horizontal Ground Electrodes Considering the Frequency-Dependent of Soil
Ahn, Chang Hwan;
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The lightning protection of information and communication facilities is very important factor to improve a reliability of the action of these equipment. Especially the transient potential rise of ground electrode being injected with the lightning current is to be a basic data of the dielectric strength for both power and communication facilities so that more accurate analysis should be required. The transient potential rise can be calculated from the ground impedance and the ground impedance is strongly dependent upon the shape of the ground electrode and the frequency-dependence of soil. The Debye`s equation which is able to calculate the characteristics of dielectrics is used to analyze the frequency-dependent of soil. Also, the method to calculate the transient potential rise from the ground impedance is specified in this paper. In order to analyze the transient potential rise resulting from calculations with Debye`s equation, TLM(transmission line method) and case of (resistivity)-constant are simulated, respectively. The length of a horizontal ground electrode is 30 m and simulations were performed at 10, 100, with the standard lightning current waveform. In result, the transient potential rise of horizontal ground electrode calculating with Debye`s equation is lower than it of other models.
Debye`s Equation;Transient Potential Rise;Grounding System;Lightning Current Waveform;
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