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Enhanced Object Extraction Method Based on Multi-channel Saliency Map
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 Title & Authors
Enhanced Object Extraction Method Based on Multi-channel Saliency Map
Choi, Young-jin; Cui, Run; Kim, Kwang-Rag; Kim, Hyoung Joong;
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Extracting focused object with saliency map is still remaining as one of the most highly tasked research area around computer vision for it is hard to estimate. Through this paper, we propose enhanced object extraction method based on multi-channel saliency map which could be done automatically without machine learning. Proposed Method shows a higher accuracy than Itti method using SLIC, Euclidean, and LBP algorithm as for object extraction. Experiments result shows that our approach is possible to be used for automatic object extraction without any previous training procedure through focusing on the main object from the image instead of estimating the whole image from background to foreground.
Saliency Map;SLIC;LBP;Object Extraction;
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