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Counter Measures by using Execution Plan Analysis against SQL Injection Attacks
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 Title & Authors
Counter Measures by using Execution Plan Analysis against SQL Injection Attacks
Ha, Man-Seok; Namgung, Jung-Il; Park, Soo-Hyun;
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SQL Injection attacks are the most widely used and also they are considered one of the oldest traditional hacking techniques. SQL Injection attacks are getting quite complicated and they perform a high portion among web hacking. The big data environments in the future will be widely used resulting in many devices and sensors will be connected to the internet and the amount of data that flows among devices will be highly increased. The scale of damage caused by SQL Injection attacks would be even greater in the future. Besides, creating security solutions against SQL Injection attacks are high costs and time-consuming. In order to prevent SQL Injection attacks, we have to operate quickly and accurately according to this data analysis techniques. We utilized data analytics and machine learning techniques to defend against SQL Injection attacks and analyzed the execution plan of the SQL command input if there are abnormal patterns through checking the web log files. Herein, we propose a way to distinguish between normal and abnormal SQL commands. We have analyzed the value entered by the user in real time using the automated SQL Injection attacks tools. We have proved that it is possible to ensure an effective defense through analyzing the execution plan of the SQL command.
Execution Plan;SQL Injection;
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