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Visual Comfort Enhancement of Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display using the Characteristic of Disparity Distribution
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 Title & Authors
Visual Comfort Enhancement of Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display using the Characteristic of Disparity Distribution
Kim, Donghyun; Sohn, Kwanghoon;
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Visual discomfort is a common problem in three-dimensional videos. Among the methods to overcome visual discomfort presented in current research, disparity adjustment methods provide little guidance in determining the condition for disparity control. We propose a diaprity adjustment based on the characteristics of disparity distribution on visual comfort, where the visual comfort level is used as the adjustment paramter, in parallax barrier type auto-stereoscopic 3D display. In this paper, we use the horizontal image shift method for disparity adjustment to enhance visual comfort. The speeded-up robust feature is used to estimate the disparity distribution of 3D sequences, and the required amount for disparity control is chosen based on the pre-defined characteristics of disparity distribution on visual comfort. To evaluate the performance of the proposed method, we used a 3D equipment. Subjective tests were conducted at the fixed optimal viewing distance. The results show that comfortable videos were generated based on the proposed disparity adjustment method.
Visual comfort enhancement;disparity adjustment;auto-stereoscopic 3D display;
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