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Feature Extraction Algorithm for Distant Unmmaned Aerial Vehicle Detection
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 Title & Authors
Feature Extraction Algorithm for Distant Unmmaned Aerial Vehicle Detection
Kim, Juho; Lee, Kibae; Bae, Jinho; Lee, Chong Hyun;
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The effective feature extraction method for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) detection is proposed and verified in this paper. The UAV engine sound is harmonic complex tone whose frequency ratio is integer and its variation is continuous in time. Using these characteristic, we propose the feature vector composed of a mean and standard deviation of difference value between fundamental frequency with 1st overtone as well as mean variation of their frequency. It was revealed by simulation that the suggested feature vector has excellent discrimination in target signal identification from various interfering signals including frequency variation with time. By comparing Fisher scores, three features based on frequency show outstanding discrimination of measured UAV signals with low signal to noise ratio (SNR). Detection performance with simulated interference signal is compared by MFCC by using ELM classifier and the suggested feature vector shows 37.6% of performance improvement As the SNR increases with time, the proposed feature can detect the target signal ahead of MFCC that needs 4.5 dB higher signal power to detect the target.
harmonic complex tone;unmaned aerial vehicle;sound detetion;ELM(Extreme Learning Machine);
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