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A 13b 100MS/s 0.70㎟ 45nm CMOS ADC for IF-Domain Signal Processing Systems
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 Title & Authors
A 13b 100MS/s 0.70㎟ 45nm CMOS ADC for IF-Domain Signal Processing Systems
Park, Jun-Sang; An, Tai-Ji; Ahn, Gil-Cho; Lee, Mun-Kyo; Go, Min-Ho; Lee, Seung-Hoon;
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This work proposes a 13b 100MS/s 45nm CMOS ADC with a high dynamic performance for IF-domain high-speed signal processing systems based on a four-step pipeline architecture to optimize operating specifications. The SHA employs a wideband high-speed sampling network properly to process high-frequency input signals exceeding a sampling frequency. The SHA and MDACs adopt a two-stage amplifier with a gain-boosting technique to obtain the required high DC gain and the wide signal-swing range, while the amplifier and bias circuits use the same unit-size devices repeatedly to minimize device mismatch. Furthermore, a separate analog power supply voltage for on-chip current and voltage references minimizes performance degradation caused by the undesired noise and interference from adjacent functional blocks during high-speed operation. The proposed ADC occupies an active die area of , based on various process-insensitive layout techniques to minimize the physical process imperfection effects. The prototype ADC in a 45nm CMOS demonstrates a measured DNL and INL within 0.77LSB and 1.57LSB, with a maximum SNDR and SFDR of 64.2dB and 78.4dB at 100MS/s, respectively. The ADC is implemented with long-channel devices rather than minimum channel-length devices available in this CMOS technology to process a wide input range of for the required system and to obtain a high dynamic performance at IF-domain input signal bands. The ADC consumes 425.0mW with a single analog voltage of 2.5V and two digital voltages of 2.5V and 1.1V.
고해상도;광대역 입력;고속 신호처리 시스템;이득-부스팅;파이프라인 ADC;
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