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Identification of Underwater Objects using Sonar Image
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Identification of Underwater Objects using Sonar Image
Kang, Hyunchul;
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Detection and classification of underwater objects in sonar imagery are challenging problems. This paper proposes a system that detects and identifies underwater objects at the sea floor level using a sonar image and image processing techniques. The identification process of underwater objects consists of two steps; detection of candidate regions and identification of underwater objects. The candidate regions of underwater objects are extracted by image registration through the detection of common feature points between the reference background image and the current scanning image. And then, underwater objects are identified as the closest pattern within the database using eigenvectors and eigenvalues as features. The proposed system is expected to be used in efficient securement of Q route in vessel navigation.
Underwater Object;Sonar Image;Object Recognition;Feature Extraction;
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영상 소나를 이용한 수중 물체 외형 복원에 관한 기초 실험,이영준;김태진;최진우;최현택;

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