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Missing Data Correction and Noise Level Estimation of Observation Matrix
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 Title & Authors
Missing Data Correction and Noise Level Estimation of Observation Matrix
Koh, Sung-shik;
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In this paper, we will discuss about correction method of missing data on noisy observation matrix and uncertainty analysis for the potential noise. In situations without missing data in an observation matrix, this solution is known to be accurately induced by SVD (Singular Value Decomposition). However, usually the several entries of observation matrix have not been observed and other entries have been perturbed by the influence of noise. In this case, it is difficult to find the solution as well as cause the 3D reconstruction error. Therefore, in order to minimize the 3D reconstruction error, above all things, it is necessary to correct reliably the missing data under noise distribution and to give a quantitative evaluation for the corrected results. This paper focuses on a method for correcting missing data using geometrical properties between 2D projected object and 3D reconstructed shape and for estimating a noise level of the observation matrix using ranks of SVD in order to quantitatively evaluate the performance of the correction algorithm.
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