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Three-Dimensional Subsurface Resistivity Profile using Electrical Resistance Tomography for Designing Grounding Grid
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Three-Dimensional Subsurface Resistivity Profile using Electrical Resistance Tomography for Designing Grounding Grid
Khambampati, Anil Kumar; Kim, Kyung Youn;
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Installation of earth grounding system is essential to ensure personnel safety and correct operation of electrical equipment. Earth parameters, especially, soil resistivity has to be determined in designing an efficient earth grounding system. The most common applied technique to measure soil resistance is Wenner four-point method. Implementation of this method is expensive, time consuming and cumbersome as large set of measurements with variable electrode spacing are required to obtain a one dimensional resistivity plot. It is advantageous to have a method which is of low cost and provides fast measurements. In this perspective, electrical resistance tomography (ERT) is applied to estimate subsurface resistivity profile. Electrical resistance tomograms characterize the soil resistivity distribution based on the measurements from electrodes placed in the region of interest. The nonlinear ill-posed inverse problem is solved using iterated Gauss-Newton method with Tikhonov regularization. Through extensive numerical simulations, it is found that ERT offers promising performance in estimating the three-dimensional soil resistivity distribution.
Electrical resistance tomography;Soil resistivity;Four-point method;Inverse problem;Imaging;
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제주토양 목업시스템을 사용한 접지저항 및 대지저항률 분석,부창진;고봉운;김정혁;오성보;

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