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Human Identification using EMG Signal based Artificial Neural Network
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 Title & Authors
Human Identification using EMG Signal based Artificial Neural Network
Kim, Sang-Ho; Ryu, Jae-Hwan; Lee, Byeong-Hyeon; Kim, Deok-Hwan;
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Recently, human identification using various biological signals has been studied and human identification based on the gait has been actively studied. In this paper, we propose a human identification based on the EMG(Electromyography) signal of the thigh muscles that are used when walking. Various features such as RMS, MAV, VAR, WAMP, ZC, SSC, IEMG, MMAV1, MMAV2, MAVSLP, SSI, WL are extracted from EMG signal data and ANN(Artificial Neural Network) classifier is used for human identification. When we evaluated the recognition ratio per channel and features to select approptiate channels and features for human identification. The experimental results show that the rectus femoris, semitendinous, vastus lateralis are appropriate muscles for human identification and MAV, ZC, IEMG, MMAV1, MAVSLP are adaptable features for human identification. Experimental results also show that the average recognition ratio of method of using all channels and features is 99.7% and that of using selected 3 channels and 5 features is 96%. Therefore, we confirm that the EMG signal can be applied to gait based human identification and EMG signal based human identification using small number of adaptive muscles and features shows good performance.
Electromyography;Human identification;Biometrics;Artificial neural network;Gait;
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