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FPGA Mapping Incorporated with Multiplexer Tree Synthesis
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FPGA Mapping Incorporated with Multiplexer Tree Synthesis
Kim, Kyosun;
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The practical constraints on the commercial FPGAs which contain dedicated wide function multiplexers in their slice structure are incorporated with one of the most advanced FPGA mapping algorithms based on the AIG (And-Inverter Graph), one of the best logic representations in academia. As the first step of the mapping process, cuts are enumerated as intermediate structures. And then, the cuts which can be mapped to the multiplexers are recognized. Without any increased complexity, the delay and area of multiplexers as well as LUTs are calculated after checking the requirements for the tree construction such as symmetry and depth limit against dynamically changing mapping of neighboring nodes. Besides, the root positions of multiplexer trees are identified from the RTL code, and annotated to the AIG as AOs (Auxiliary Outputs). A new AIG embedding the multiplexer tree structures which are intentionally synthesized by Shannon expansion at the AOs, is overlapped with the optimized AIG. The lossless synthesis technique which employs FRAIG (Functionally Reduced AIG) is applied to this approach. The proposed approach and techniques are validated by implementing and applying them to two RISC processor examples, which yielded 13~30% area reduction, and up to 32% delay reduction. The research will be extended to take into account the constraints on the dedicated hardware for carry chains.
Multiplexor tree synthesis;Field programmable gate array;Mapping;Functionally reduced and-inverter graph;
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