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An Area-Efficient Time-Shared 10b DAC for AMOLED Column Driver IC Applications
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 Title & Authors
An Area-Efficient Time-Shared 10b DAC for AMOLED Column Driver IC Applications
Kim, Won-Kang; An, Tai-Ji; Lee, Seung-Hoon;
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This work proposes a time-shared 10b DAC based on a two-step resistor string to minimize the effective area of a DAC channel for driving each AMOLED display column. The proposed DAC shows a lower effective DAC area per unit column driver and a faster conversion speed than the conventional DACs by employing a time-shared DEMUX and a ROM-based two-step decoder of 6b and 4b in the first and second resistor string. In the second-stage 4b floating resistor string, a simple current source rather than a unity-gain buffer decreases the loading effect and chip area of a DAC channel and eliminates offset mismatch between channels caused by buffer amplifiers. The proposed 1-to-24 DEMUX enables a single DAC channel to drive 24 columns sequentially with a single-phase clock and a 5b binary counter. A 0.9pF sampling capacitor and a small-sized source follower in the input stage of each column-driving buffer amplifier decrease the effect due to channel charge injection and improve the output settling accuracy of the buffer amplifier while using the top-plate sampling scheme in the proposed DAC. The proposed DAC in a CMOS shows a signal settling time of 62.5ns during code transitions from `` to ``. The prototype DAC occupies a unit channel area of and an effective unit channel area of while consuming 6.08mW with analog and digital power supplies of 3.3V and 1.8V, respectively.
시분할;디스플레이용 DAC;저항 열 DAC;2단 롬 구조 디코더;다중 컬럼 구동;
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