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Comparative Analysis of Synthetic Memristor Emulator and M-R Mutator
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 Title & Authors
Comparative Analysis of Synthetic Memristor Emulator and M-R Mutator
Choi, Hyuncheol; Kim, Hyongsuk;
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An analytical comparison of a synthetic memristor emulator and a M-R mutator-based memristor emulator has been performed. Memristor is an electrical element with the characteristic of variable resistance. It is called the fourth fundamental electrical element following resistor, capacitor, and inductor. Memristor emulator is a circuit which implements the feature of variable resistance via the composition of various electrical devices. It is an essential circuit to study memristor characteristics during the time before it is commercially available. There are two representative memristor emulators depending upon their implementation methods. One is a memristor emulator which is synthesized via combining various electrical devices and the other one is M-R mutator-based memristor emulator implemented by extracting resistance from a nonlinear device. In this paper, implementation methods of these two memristor emulators are studied and their differences are investigated by analysing their characteristics.
멤리스터;멤리스터 에뮬레이터;메모리소자;
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